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How do I know what time zone my modem is using?

Time zones of America 

The Time differs according to your time zone. Just for your information, currently, America uses the time zones 

  •  Hawaii Standard Time
  • Alaska Daylight Time

  • Pacific Daylight Time
  • Mountain Standard Time
  • Central Daylight Time
  • Mountain Daylight Time
  • Eastern Daylight Time

Before changing the time settings make sure to know your time zone and set your time accordingly. When you are moving to a different time zone, you can change your time settings accordingly

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How to check your time zone

To check the time used by your Modem, you can follow the below steps

  • You can always refer to the instruction manual to get an idea of your modem time settings
  • Sign in to the web-based interface of your modem. 
  • Click on Advanced>System Tools>Time Settings
  • Now you can check the time zone that is used by your modem

How to change your time zone

If your time zone is wrong and you want to change it, follow the below instructions

  • Go to the Advanced>System Tools>Time Settings
  • In the notification page, you will see your modem time
  • If you want the time to get automatically updated from the internet, choose the option, “Get automatically for the internet”
  • You can also set your time manually
  • Click on the manual option in the set time option
  • Now, set the date according to the prescribed format
  • Next set your time settings as appropriate
  • Next set your time settings as appropriate

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